Welcome to the joint entry page for the International PhD programs in
“Molecular Life Sciences” (EPFL) and “Cancer and Immunology” (UNIL)

The two programs provide training and research opportunities to highly motivated doctoral students in key areas of modern biology in Lausanne, Switzerland.

The two doctoral programs comprise over 40 laboratories. Research subjects are focused on Cancer, Immunology and Infectious Diseases. A wide range of approaches is represented, including Molecular Biology, Genetics, Genomics, Cell and Developmental Biology, as well as Computational and Systems Biology. Experimental systems include bacteria, yeast, flies, nematodes, mouse and human systems, with possible clinical connections. For more information about participating laboratories and each program, see the corresponding links below.

Enrollment of students in one or the other program is dictated by the institutional affiliation of their host laboratory. Although separate, the two programs collaborate extensively. Thus, students choose from a wide range of courses offered at UNIL and EPFL. Moreover, students from both programs organize a joint annual retreat and participate in other common activities.

Highly qualified students from all over the world are identified twice a year for each program through a competitive selection procedure. Applicants interested in laboratories within just one program must submit a single application (see links below for details), whereas those interested in laboratories in both programs must submit two applications in parallel.

Approximately 100 students in total are currently enrolled and ~25 students are admitted per year. The broad international background of researchers within the laboratories provides not only a wide range of scientific experiences but also a unique cultural atmosphere. The working language is English.

The Lausanne area offers some of Europe's most beautiful sceneries and outdoors opportunities (see gallery).

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Molecular Life Sciences (EPFL)

Cancer and Immunology (UNIL)

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